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“Participatory Chinatown is a 3-D immersive game designed to be part of the master planning process for Boston’s Chinatown. Residents assumed the role of one of 15 virtual residents and worked to complete their assigned quest—finding a job, housing, or place to socialize. Sometimes the language skills, income level, or other circumstances of their resident made their task more challenging…”

“It is certainly something that is on our minds. The seasons have turned through another rotation of holidays, and we find ourselves contemplating our recent enthusiasm at the dinner table.

Caloric restriction, as you may know, is the limitation of food intake to produce positive health and longevity results. In a way, while it would seem similar, it is the opposite of malnutrition, since the focus of caloric restriction is the regulation of the proportions of certain foods, while maintaining proper intake of vitamins and micronutrients.

The average person…”

I just learned about Kronos, by the Foundry, and the Tokina 11-16 lens. Wow. Just wow. Perfect. They are on the list for production, certainly.

October 2nd, 2010:
I have some great particle motion studies from fountains that I am converting from 60fps to 30fps and will be posting soon. It is great to compare behaviors of real versus synthesized particles when doing your work – helps make things more convincing!

Infrared and You –

make a working infrared filter for photography and video with common household objects. First of a DIY Science series for my MA thesis in 2007.

List of materials:
• pair of scissors
• electrical tape
• cardboard scraps
• toilet paper tube †
• 35mm exposed negative ends
• adhesive putty

† science project authenticator