New Bretorium channel on YouTube!

Infrared and You -

make a working infrared filter for photography and video with common household objects.

First of a DIY Science series for my MA thesis in 2007.

[Link for IE7 Users]

List of materials:
• pair of scissors
• electrical tape
• cardboard scraps
• toilet paper tube*
• 35mm exposed negative ends
• adhesive putty

* science project authenticator

2 Responses to “New Bretorium channel on YouTube!”

  1. Loris Says:

    Hello! I’d like to know if you only use the camera in its normal settings or you use some program after the shoots. I m tried, but the photo is just “redscalized”.


    Loris Lento.

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Loris - The photos do come out sort of pinkish, since we are allowing only red-ranged light and Infrared to get to the sensor. Sometimes I have used a simple de-saturate in photoshop to reduce the pink. I would guess that if I used a “black and white” setting on my camera it might help as well.

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